Below details contain what you needs to do on your regular habits on your day by day activities. If you follow very strictly, sure you will avoid of growing new white hair.
Also if you are below 20 age. you can able recover in just 90 days. No need to buy our oil.

1)vomit while you brush( drink a glass of water before brush and do vomit while brush)

2)ginger with honey(in empty stomach after brush)

3) eat 15 leaf of curry leaves before break first every day( don’t eat more than 15 curry leaves per day)

4) drink carrot juice after break-first daily. Also drink coconut drink.

5) do exercises daily

6) Apply Black Men Hair Oil every day as regular usage. ( need to use 6 months)

7)You should avoid smoking and drinking liqueur 

  1. Stop using shampoo
  2. Don’t eat junk food
  3. Don’t apply and dye (only henna can apply)
  4. You should avoid smoking and drinking liqueur
  5. Stop drinking of soft drinks like cock, pepsi etc,.