Do you know why we ask questions, because all depends upon your age. Just stop on starting stage. Age is mainly the concern for white hair. If you are 25 age 100% chance to turn your white hair to black naturally with Black Men Hair Oil

Maximum age limit to whom you like to turn your white hair to black age are 45. So don’t think too much.

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Black men Hair oil

  • USD: 6.83$

Black Men Hair Wash Powder

  • USD: 1.64$


How long will take to recover my grey hair to black naturally?

If you are you below 20 age. You no needs to buy oil. Just needs to follow Does and Don’t

Above age 20 to 45 only can needs to use our oil for white hair problem. It will take 3 to 6 months of time. Depends upon your body condition time will take. Sometime took more than our estimation.

How many times needs to use this oil per week?

Weekly 3 to 4 times needs to use. For long hair(women) you can apply like regular oil in small conceptions.

How to use oil?

Apply Black Men Hair Oil, at least 2 hour before to bath. Use only Sheika or herbal hair wash power to clean.

Also you can use our oil as regular, so that strong and long hair will grow.

Why needs to use oil?

Our Black Men Hair Oil cure 5 types of problems.

  1. White hair
  2. Grow new hair
  3. Stope hair fall
  4. Long and strong hair
  5. Beard grow

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